The Continuum Analytics team will be attending the Strata + Hadoop World Conference from February 17-20.
We’re excited to be showcasing the story of Anaconda with the power of Python at Strata, and we look forward to meeting those attending.

You can find us at these events:

Though we are recognized as Python experts, Continuum champions and supports Open Source analytics and tools of all languages,
including our new tools for R and Scala/Spark. During this conference, we encourage you to come by the booth,
ask us hard questions, and start a great conversation about all things data.

Peter Wang

President, Co-founder

Travis Oliphant

CEO, Co-founder
NumPy & SciPy

Andy Terrel

Chief Science Officer
Anaconda Cluster, Spark, Data Science

Matt Rocklin

Blaze, Pandas, Distributed Compute

Bryan Van de Ven

Visualization, Bokeh


We’ll be around all through the 17th-20th, so if you’re interested in chatting with us, please let us know by emailing
[email protected], or reaching out to us on social media. We’ll be tweeting throughout the conference, as well as having
conversations on Google +, so be sure to follow us for announcements about demos and after hours events!