Our Open-Source Commitment

Open-source software (OSS) has become foundational to tech stacks across a multitude of industries; as such, nurturing the health and vibrancy of the open-source community is of utmost importance to us. Over the last decade, Anaconda has devoted tens of millions of dollars to open-source innovation and project maintenance in the form of employee time, direct donations, event sponsorships, and more. We believe that OSS holds the key to unlocking tomorrow’s innovation, and we will continue to back this belief with active support.

The Dividend Program

In October 2020, we formalized a commitment to give a portion of our revenue directly back to the open-source community through the Anaconda Dividend Program. We launched the program in partnership with NumFOCUS, a nonprofit that provides crucial administrative services and operational support for over 50 open-source projects. Anaconda CEO and co-founder Peter Wang continues to serve on the NumFOCUS Advisory Council. Since the program’s inception, we have consistently exceeded our target donation amounts.

Open-Source Development and Maintenance

Our teams develop, contribute to, and maintain a variety of popular open-source projects including Dask, pandas, Numba, HoloViz, conda, BeeWare, PyScript, and more! We keep abreast of up-and-coming projects and are always open to working on new ones.

Empowering Individuals and Small Businesses

We offer free Anaconda Distribution access to individuals and organizations with fewer than 200 employees. It’s important to us to supply enterprise-grade data science tools for everyone, even those who may not have the resources to purchase them.