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Students, academics, and hobbyists

What's included:
  • Ready-to-code Jupyter Notebook
  • All the packages you need to perform lightweight analysis
  • Unlimited backup storage for local conda environments
  • Exclusive data science content, events, and tutorials
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  • Community membership
  • Exclusive data science content
*Mirroring rights not included
$9 / Monthly per seat

Or $90 / Yearly per seat

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Students, hobbyists, and practitioners

All the features of Free, plus:
  • Fully loaded ready-to-code Jupyter Notebook
  • 5 GB of fast + secure project storage
  • 2,000 high-compute seconds
  • Exclusive, expert-led data science courses
  • Sample notebooks and extensions
$25 / Monthly per seat

Or $250 / Yearly per seat

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All the features of Starter, plus:
  • 10 GB of fast + secure project storage
  • 4,000 high-compute seconds
  • Access to secure, encrypted Python + R packages
  • End-to-end encryption validation
  • Tokenized user access control
  • Compliant for commercial use
Available add-ons:Contact us
  • Site license
  • Custom private mirroring
  • Support services
  • Kickstart services
  • Long-term Support (LTS)
$75 / Monthly per seat

Or $750 / Yearly per seat

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Professionals with security needs

All the features of Pro, plus:
  • Enriched package vulnerability and remediation metadata
  • CVE and license policy filtering
  • Custom distribution channels
  • Role-based access controls
Available add-ons:Contact us
  • Custom installers
  • Custom private mirroring
  • Support services
  • Kickstart services
  • Long-term Support (LTS)
- Custom

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On-prem and private cloud users

All the features of Business, plus:
  • Private cloud or on-premises server
  • Air-gapped environment support
  • Third-party package hosting
  • Supported sources: CRAN, PyPI, conda-forge
  • Asset and integrations hosting
  • Supported IDEs: Posit, JupyterLab, VSCode
  • Within-network deployment and collaboration
  • Artifact history and tracking
  • Implementation and dedicated technical support
Available add-ons:
  • Site license
  • Custom installers
  • Implementation services
  • Premium support services
  • Kickstart services
  • Enterprise DS platform
  • Long-term Support (LTS)

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