We’re not just a company; we’re a movement.

We empower people with data literacy, so they can ask more impactful questions and make better sense of the world. This passion powers our work, our company culture, and our presence in the community.

Our History

Anaconda was founded in 2012 by Peter Wang and Travis Oliphant out of the need to bring Python into business data analytics, which was rapidly transforming as a result of emerging technology trends. Additionally, the open-source community lacked an entity that could organize and collectivize it to maximize its impact. Since that time, the Python ecosystem has significantly expanded, with Python being the most popular programming language used today. Alongside this expansion, Anaconda has provided value to students learning Python and data science, individual practitioners, small teams, and enterprise businesses. We aim to meet every user where they are in their data science journey. Anaconda now has over 300 full-time employees based in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Japan. We are proud to serve over 35 million users worldwide.

Our Vision

A world where people are empowered with data literacy

Open-Source DNA

We are—and always will be—committed to fostering open-source innovation. We champion the vibrant open-source community and continue to steward popular open-source projects that power tomorrow’s innovation. Our teams actively contribute to projects like Dask, Numba, Bokeh, Panel, HoloViz, and more.

Data Science Nerds

We pioneered the use of Python for data science starting back in 2009, and this is still where our passion lies: using the world’s preferred, most intuitive programming language to do the hardest math out there. We like our data science models explainable, repeatable, and free from bias, and we want to help people make them that way.

Enterprise Ready

We create software to enable corporations and other organizations to leverage open-source data science with the right security, scale, and governance mechanisms in place—whether that occurs on premises, in air-gapped environments, or in the cloud. Our Professional Services team helps organizations address their unique challenges when it comes to operationalizing data science in their particular environments.

Empowering the 99%

We provide tools for both established data and computer science practitioners and those who are newer to coding; everyone can benefit from the power of data. In fact, in 2022 Anaconda launched PyScript, a web-based tool for coding in the browser and deploying apps with the click of a button. We also launched Anaconda Learning to help people build foundational skills in Python, data visualization, machine learning, and more. We will continue to broaden our reach and supply people around the world with top-notch data literacy tools.

Our Values

Ability and Humility

Highly competent and capable, while also recognizing that the universe is bigger than us and our view of it

Empathy and Connection

Understanding that everyone has a unique story—meeting each person where they are and honoring that diverse contributions make us better

Innovation and Action

An unrelenting drive to think differently and the tenacity to make it happen

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