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Python’s popularity in enterprises is soaring, and we’ve seen our user community grow 300% YoY to nearly 35 million users worldwide. This means our partners have nearly endless opportunities to help customers realize Python’s full potential for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science. So come grow with us!

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Partnering with Anaconda unlocks a world of potential to drive powerful solutions. Embedding Anaconda in your product or platform; pre-loading custom open-source packages on your hardware; or re-selling Anaconda with the added value provided by regional, industry, or domain expertise are just a few of the possibilities.

Embedded Partners

Your users are already coding with Python. So why not provide a secure environment inside your platform or product, complete with popular packages specifically optimized for relevant use cases and free of dependency management headaches?

Technology Partners

Our technology partners deliver Anaconda’s open-source Python and R tooling through cloud platforms, product integrations, customized packages, in-product user access, pre-installations, and more to help customers secure their data science workflows and improve user experience.

Channel and Services Partners

Anaconda helps provide global access to secure open-source Python and R tooling by certifying value-added resellers, distributors, referral partners, and services partners who offer consultation and advisory options. Get more information on our channel partner program here.

Why become an Anaconda partner?

Provide a Seamless Experience

Embed the world’s most popular open-source tools in your product or platform.

Drive New Revenue

Become a channel partner and benefit from the surge in enterprise AI and ML.

Enhance Value for Customers

Provide open-source software (OSS) packages optimized for your specific platform or hardware.

Join Our Community

Share your content with our community of over 35 million users; it’s growing up to 300% year over year and includes 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Resources for Existing Partners

Download Our Go-to-Market Kit

This go-to-market (GTM) kit includes the assets, collateral, and guidelines you’ll need to add Anaconda to your partner directory, enable your sales teams, and engage your audience.

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Featured Partners

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Being able to offer a set of trusted tools from Anaconda will empower our customers through every stage of the data science journey on Microsoft Azure.”

Mark Russinovich Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

“The Anaconda partnership with ISx4 forms a core market differentiator, as we continue to deliver analytics operational excellence, using open source technologies into large financial services, government bodies, and private sector industries.”

Kielty Hughes CEO, ISx4

“Anaconda is an established leader in Python package management, with a track record of responsible behavior. It’s not just OpenEye; the entire Python ecosystem trusts Anaconda.”

Jharrod LaFon Vice President, Cloud Development, OpenEye Scientific

“Oracle’s partnership to provide data scientists with seamless access to Anaconda not only delivers high-performance machine learning, but also helps ensure strong enterprise governance and security.”

Elad Ziklik Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Services, Oracle

“By embedding Anaconda’s repository and package manager into the Snowflake engine, data scientists and engineers can use the most popular open source packages without needing to copy or move the data.”

Torsten Grabs Director of Product Management, Snowflake

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