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Notebooks allow anyone, anywhere to begin their data science journey. Spin up awesome data science projects directly from your browser with all the packages and computing power you need.

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Log in and pull up conda configurations wherever you are online. Whether you want to upload a local environment or directly manage packages in the notebook — we’ve got you covered!

Seamless integration

Easily transform your models into interactive applications using Panel’s straightforward integration with the Anaconda ecosystem and popular data science libraries.

Seamlessly share your work

Share your work effortlessly with a click-through URL or step it up with a dynamic Panel app deployed to the web, offering instant access to your creations from anywhere.

No API keys, no hassle

Use the power of Assistant and your account to generate API keys and deal with access-based permissions.

Enhance your skills

Leverage our Learning platform and AI assistant to expand your Python and data science knowledge, irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional.

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