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A robust set of tools that make developing AI and data science easy.

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Data science and AI made easy

Streamlined Development

Accelerate development by simplifying package management, environment setup, and common data science tasks.

Effortless Deployment

Panel app deployment empowers users to deploy their applications to the web with ease, eliminating the need for complex web development skills.

Elevate Your Career

Anaconda Learning offers courses to help you use Anaconda tools and grow your skills in data science and Python.

Easy Collaboration

Work effectively across teams, streamline processes, and drive value from reproducible data science projects to boost efficiency and innovation.

Get Help from an AI Assistant

Leverage the power of Python, even if you’re not a coder. Get assistance to write or debug code, and learn as you build.

Share Your Work

Show off your work with a click of a button. Make your projects easily reproducible across teams, or leverage sharing in education to assign or turn in an assignment.

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Earn certificates for passing on-demand learning courses on Python programming, data analysis, conda, or math, then share your badge on LinkedIn

Explore, learn, collaborate, and share your work, easily

All the tools you need to bring your projects to life


Start coding in your browser immediately with Anaconda Notebooks. No installation or configuration necessary.

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Get started with hundreds of the most popular data science packages. Install Navigator on your desktop to manage your local packages, environments, and integrations.



Watch an introductory course on Anaconda Distribution, conda, and create your first Python program.

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Data Catalog

When first approaching data analysis, a blank notebook can be extremely daunting—especially if you’ve never worked with notebooks or created one from scratch. Our data catalog service makes finding and loading data sets easy..

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Application Deployments

Panel, an open-source Python tool developed and maintained by Anaconda, now seamlessly integrates with Anaconda’s cloud notebook service, providing users the ability to effortlessly share notebook results and make them readily accessible to others.

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Anaconda Assistant

Chat with an AI assistant directly in your notebook for help with coding, generating plots, describing dataframes, debugging errors, and more.

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Explore Packages

Ready to start a project? Traverse the package universe and explore packages for visualization, performance, and more.

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Install Packages

Learn how to install and manage packages with conda, Anaconda’s package manager.

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Anaconda’s community forums where people can ask questions, connect, and exchange solutions.

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Manage Environments

Learn about managing environments with conda and how it can help organize your work.

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