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Anaconda customers are innovators and thought leaders from every area of business, research, science, and engineering. The range of solutions that our customers create is staggering — everything from predictive maintenance to discovering new planets.

Empowering National Grid

National Grid is one of the world’s largest investor-owned utilities focused on transmission activities in electricity and gas in the UK and Eastern US. Historically, National Grid managed the maintenance of their electricity transmission assets based upon manufacturer guidelines and engineering judgment, but they sought to apply a data-driven, risk-based methodology. They turned to Anaconda. Through the power of Anaconda Enterprise, they have been able to reduce costs and improve safety and reliability. National Grid can now streamline their data science workflows, build reproducible maintenance models, reduce costs, and set goals for the future. Learn more .

Advancing Female Health

Clue provides a mobile app that gives women a simple and secure way to track and predict their menstrual cycles. In order to make accurate predictions, the data science team at Clue needed tools that would enable them to gather and analyze data, build predictive models, and share these models within the organization. Clue chose Anaconda because they enjoyed Python's friendly syntax and wanted the best open source packages for data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. While they were initially struck by Anaconda’s ease of installation, they soon discovered that, by using Jupyter Notebooks, scikit-learn, and seaborn, they could quickly gather and analyze data, prototype a number of predictive models, and share the results of their models via compelling visualizations. Learn more.

New Treatments for Rare Genetic Diseases

Recursion Pharmaceuticals combines biological science with advanced machine learning algorithms and interactive visualization to discover new therapeutic treatments for rare genetic diseases by drug repositioning. Recursion has used this approach on 100 diseases, which requires 1.4e16 calculations to evaluate the 1,000 features for each cell in the 5000 experiments. The next step is scale up the process to evaluate thousands of diseases. Several promising treatments have been discovered to date.

Eradicating Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has surged as traffickers abuse the internet with temporary advertisements that are nearly impossible to trace. DARPA funded research estimates that traffickers spent $250 million to post more than 60M advertisements over just a two-year timeframe. To fight human trafficking, which is a key mission of the defense department, DARPA funded the Memex project. Using Anaconda, DARPA is able to effectively scale the Memex solution with the ever-increasing web to index and cross-reference interactive and social media, text, images and video. These deep searches, combined with rich visualizations, identify patterns and connect the dots about typically elusive movements across locations. Reports by NYDA’s office attribute Memex to over 20 active sex trafficking investigations and nine open indictments.

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