No provider knows open source like Anaconda does. We originated the use of Python for data science – and today our team builds and maintains thousands of packages in everyday use by millions. Anaconda Team Edition is a repository with access to more than 7,500 data science and machine learning packages curated by Conda experts for security and reliability. Our repository is mirrored on your infrastructure and serves as your central clearinghouse for build artifacts. Now you can innovate with open-source technology in the enterprise with confidence.


Get the latest technology from the open-source brain trust


Control the who, what, when, where and how of your open-source environment


Catch vulnerabilities before they catch up with you

Practitioner-Preferred, IT-Approved

Anaconda Team Edition enables sharing and collaboration across data science, developer, and IT teams while ensuring
packages are suitable for use in your environment.

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Transformative Technology, Harnessed for the Enterprise

The open-source community innovates faster than any single software vendor can. The most cutting-edge data science and machine learning technology can be found in open-source packages and libraries. But unmanaged open-source technology comes with risk. Anaconda Team Edition solves for that, enabling you to curate, block, and blacklist packages based on CVE scores, alerts, and reports.

The Anaconda Distribution Data Scientists Know and Love +
Enterprise Governance and Security

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Team Edition Pricing and Features