Machine Learning

Develop, train, evaluate, and deploy machine learning models. 

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Streamline with Scalable Resources and Integrated Tools

Data Processing Tool Integration

Seamlessly integrate with data processing tools like NumPy, SciPy, and pandas.

Algorithm Experimentation

Use tools like MLflow to select and evaluate models and tune parameters to optimize model performance. 

Libraries and Tools

Access to libraries and tools such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.

Scalable Computing Resources

Leverage parallelization and distributed computing solutions for training large datasets.

Seamless Model Deployment

Deploy machine learning models into production environments and monitor their performance in real time.

Machine Learning Solutions

Data Science & AI Workbench

Comprehensive solution for the development, training, evaluation, and deployment of machine learning models, adeptly addressing challenges ranging from data quality assurance to model selection, scalability, and deployment intricacies. Data Science & AI Workbench is included in the Enterprise Plan. 

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Start coding immediately with Anaconda Notebooks. Start from scratch or use a number of sample projects as a foundation. Work with popular ML packages, like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn. Anaconda Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot, can help you write, analyze, and improve code directly in your Notebook.

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Machine Learning Resources

Building an Interactive ML Dashboard in Panel

Enhance your data exploration and presentation capabilities.

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Shaping Best Practices for Monitoring ML Models

The ML lifecycle doesn’t stop at deployment: Learn best practices for model monitoring.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

Get started with fundamental machine learning algorithms using scikit-learn.

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Develop ML Models

Workbench offers support for machine learning and deep learning by enabling you to develop models, train them, and deploy them.

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Machine learning models are indispensable components of modern data science platforms, empowering organizations to extract actionable insights, streamline decision-making, and foster innovation. Talk to an expert today to learn what plan is right for you.