Anaconda Assistant

With Anaconda Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot, get help writing, analyzing, and debugging code directly in Notebooks. 

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Do it All With Your AI Assistant

Quick and easy conversations

Interact with state-of-the-art AI models; pose questions, ask for code examples, or clarify concepts directly within your Notebook.

Generate code that runs in your notebook

Get code that runs seamlessly within your environment. 

Code explanation and improvement

Select a piece of code and have the Assistant explain its functionality, add comments to aid understanding, or suggest improvements for optimization.

Automated visualizations

Generate code for plotting data in DataFrames, offering multiple plotting ideas to choose from and providing an engaging visual representation of your data.

Insightful data analysis

 Identifies useful data within DataFrames and offers insights into why that data might be significant for your project, helping you make informed decisions.

Leverage the Anaconda ecosystem to seamlessly integrate an AI Assistant into data science and AI workflows.


Seamlessly integrate AI Assistant into your data science journey with tools, APIs, and an ecosystem that facilitates collaboration.

Model Interpretability

Build interpretable ML models with libraries like scikit-learn and TensorFlow. Uncover the ‘why’ behind predictions and boost transparency by providing explanations for insights generated by Anaconda Assistant. 

Data Quality Management

Effortlessly manage data quality with libraries like pandas and NumPy, to tackle missing values, outliers, and inconsistencies, ensuring robust and reliable data. 

Continuous Learning and Model Retraining

Dive into automated workflows for seamless data ingestion, preprocessing, model training, and evaluation.

Anaconda Assistant Plans and Pricing

The Assistant is offered in Cloud Notebooks on Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise Plans.

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