2021: A Year in Review

With only a few more days until we head into 2022, we’re looking back on all we’ve accomplished together as a company and as a community this past year. We’re proud to be part of such a vibrant and growing movement, with over 25 million people now using Anaconda worldwide! Our community and staff contributed more than 26,000 packages to anaconda.org, and over 10,000 of you visited us virtually at AnacondaCON throughout the year. Take a look at our infographic below for more interesting stats from 2021:

Partnerships and Collaborations

We announced partnerships and collaborations with various companies including Snowflake, Microsoft, Intel, HP, and more. We also launched an Embedded Partner Program to help support the demand for Python by assisting companies in securely integrating open-source code into their products.

Commitment to Open Source

Anaconda launched its first annual Dividend Program Report in conjunction with NumFOCUS and provided a portion of our revenue dollars back to the open-source community. So far, we donated $44,735 and we are looking forward to continuing that contribution into the future.

Conda Signature Verification

In 2021, we created our first content trust feature, Conda Signature Verification, which preserves conda install integrity by verifying package artifacts and metadata against a chain of trust. We believe that collaboration and community in open source are crucial to progress in the field and have been working closely with the Mamba and conda-forge teams to adopt the trust and verification features of conda signature verification in open-source repositories.

Anaconda Community

We recently launched Anaconda Community forums as a place for users and individuals in the data space to discuss technical topics, provide feedback, get product help, and more. We’re excited to continue engaging with our community members in 2022 and beyond!

Top Blogs

In case you missed them, the blog posts our community visited most in 2021 were:

Want to get more stats on Anaconda package downloads? Check out the new tool, Condastats, built by one of our in-house data scientists.

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