Anaconda Launches Embedded Partner Program as Demand for Python Continues to Soar

The program will enable organizations to seamlessly and securely integrate open-source Python into their own products, spurring innovation across industries

AUSTIN, Texas, November 18 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anaconda Inc., with over 25 million users worldwide, officially launched an Embedded Partner Program today in response to the rising demand among businesses for access to secure, managed Python packages and environments. As part of the program, companies can embed Anaconda tools, packages, and repositories into their own products and services, with a seamless access experience for end users. Whether Anaconda is embedded behind the scenes to power a company’s solution or made available directly to a company’s customers, the Embedded Partner Program provides a reliable and secure way to manage Python environments and enjoy the innovations of open-source development with a trusted partner on their side.

“At Anaconda, our number one focus is making open-source innovation within Python easily accessible to end users,” said Albert Gashi, Senior Vice President of Revenue at Anaconda. “As the demand for Python continues to grow, our embedded partners can equip their customers with curated packages and repositories, making it simple for them to offer a competitive solution that meets their business demands.”

Anaconda chose to formally launch the Embedded Partner Program now because enterprises want access to a supported open-source Python ecosystem for their customers, products, and services without having to worry about security, licensing requirements, or dependency management. This comes on the heels of Anaconda’s recent funding, including investments from Snowflake Ventures and open-source investment firm Apertu Capital. At launch, members of the Embedded Partner Program include App Orchid, Guidewire, IBM, Microsoft, Schlumberger, and Snowflake, among others. By joining the Embedded Partner Program, members also gain dedicated support and services, including SLAs for requests, in addition to access to Anaconda’s core offerings.

“Through our collaboration, we’re able to offer access to Anaconda’s curated, open-source package library within our Azure cloud products and AI services,” said John Montgomery, CVP, Azure AI at Microsoft. “With this, we can bring seamless access to open-source technologies to Azure customers and work to close the innovation gap.”

In a 2021 survey from Anaconda, 63% of respondents said they use Python frequently or always, making it the most popular language included. Already, nearly 82% of the Fortune 500 use Anaconda, and there have been more than 4.3 billion Python package downloads from Conda in 2021 to date.

“From running machine learning workflows to building data applications, there is a growing demand for Python among data scientists, data engineers, and application developers,‘’ said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “We’re proud to partner with Anaconda to meet this demand and are excited to provide Python developers seamless access—currently in private preview—to one of the most popular open-source libraries, without the need for manual installs and package dependency management as part of Snowpark, Snowflake’s developer framework.”

Partners can choose to either embed Anaconda within their backend systems, allow their customers to create managed Python environments, or provide access to Anaconda’s full repository of Python or R Conda packages. Regardless of the use case, Anaconda provides its partners with a secure, innovative, and streamlined solution to bringing open source to their users.

“To accelerate AI adoption, businesses need an open and diverse ecosystem of partners to work with. That’s why fostering collaborations with providers like Anaconda is a key component of IBM’s AI strategy,” said Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, Data and AI, IBM. “With the combination of IBM Watson Studio and Anaconda, we are working to simplify enterprise adoption of AI technologies.”

“We are enabling production engineers, data scientists, and software engineers to automate workflows by leveraging the PIPESIM Steady-State Multiphase Flow Simulator with Anaconda’s premium repository,” said Sujit Kumar, Agora President and Production Product Manager, Schlumberger Digital and Integration. “This means customers can extract higher value from their assets by leveraging their operational data and models in building operational digital twins to optimize their flow assurance strategies.”

With over 500 million monthly package downloads, Anaconda is committed to growing the Python ecosystem throughout all industries and supporting the community, from embedded partners to open-source maintainers, contributors, and makers. For more information about Anaconda’s Embedded Partner Program, visit their website.

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