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From small scale projects to on-prem LLMs, tailor Anaconda tools for your build environment.

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Build Robust, Secure AI Pipelines

With tools catered for small teams to large enterprises, take advantage of open-source software community contributions behind best-in-class security features.


Signature verification, CVE scores, and user access controls are just some of the ways to secure your build environment.


Seamlessly integrate with your favorite packages and libraries.


Get suggested updates and optimizations to harness the power of your local machine.

Pre-Built Models

You don’t have to start from scratch: Anaconda provides curated models to jumpstart your AI journey.

Build with Anaconda


Easily search and install thousands of Python and R packages for data science and AI projects. Manage those packages and environments from a desktop application.

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Data Science & AI Workbench

The Platform of choice for building AI projects. Workbench is included in the Enterprise pricing tier.

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Excel Toolbox

The best of Python now in Excel! Create data visualizations and business insights directly in Excel. 

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Start coding immediately and share dashboards and projects with stakeholders from the browser. No installation or configuration is necessary.

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Package Security Manager

Proactively manage risks and ensure compliance in your data science, machine learning, and AI projects. Use the OSS your team loves with comprehensive security. PSM is included in our Business tier.

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High Performance Python

Coming Soon

Accelerate your AI development with optimized performance. Get the right packages, upgrade easily, and seamlessly switch between multiple environments.

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AI Navigator 

Coming soon

Deliver AI value with curated models for your use-case. Keep your proprietary information secure and take advantage of your computer’s hardware by operating locally.

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