Package Security Manager

Proactively manage risks and ensure compliance in your data science, machine learning, and AI projects with a comprehensive security solution.

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Security in an Ever-Changing Landscape

Tackle the complexities of securing software packages, managing vulnerabilities, creating security policies, and meeting compliance standards using Package Security Manager. 

Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Understand vulnerabilities for packages and their dependencies.

Vulnerability Notifications

Get updates on vulnerabilities that affect the packages you are using.

Custom Security Policies

Define and enforce custom security policies, tailored to your compliance standards.

Granular Risk Assessment

Get detailed insights into vulnerabilities and implement efficient and impactful mitigation strategies.

Centralized Security  Management

Manage and track your organization from a central location. Streamline security operations and compliance requirements.

License Filtering

Ensure adherence to open-source license compliance standards and filter out licenses that do not align with your organization’s requirements.

Centralized, Automated Package Security Management with Notifications

Cloud or On-premise Solutions

Manage your organization’s package security in the cloud, or on-premise, including air-gapped networks.

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Access Control

Control who has access to your Package Manager and the channels it contains.

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CVE Curation and Notifications

Keep up to date with fluctuating vulnerability scores that affect packages in your applications.

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Package Signatures

By utilizing cryptographic signatures, we ensure each package’s integrity and authenticity, protecting your projects from compromised or tampered software.

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Software Bill of Materials

Generate detailed SBOMs to easily identify dependencies, streamline security checks, and ensure license compliance.

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Policy Filters

Create and enforce security policies and filters tailored to the needs of your users and industry compliance. Enhance your organization’s security posture by preventing the use of insecure packages.

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External Source Mirroring

Gain access to extra packages from public channels (e.g., conda-forge) and repositories (e.g., PyPI and CRAN) to ensure your team has all necessary resources centralized in one location.

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Extended Channel

Anaconda Extended enables secure access to signed and scanned conda-forge recipes that we have rebuilt within a secure and constructed on Anaconda’s trusted private infrastructure.

Package Security Manager Pricing

Package Security Manager is offered on the cloud and on premise.

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On-prem Pricing

Package Security Manager is available on-prem.

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Customers who use Package Security Manager

Anaconda provides 7x more accurate open-source security data vs. typical third-party security vendors.

An average security breach costs a company $9.48 million per year.

On average, Anaconda saves companies the time and cost of 5 developers.

Anaconda reduces Danske Bank’s need for time-consuming manual vetting of packages and user provisioning.

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