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Episode #2

Machine learning (ML) has reached an exciting phase of development, a phase that Vicki Boykis, Senior ML Engineer at Duo Security* has characterized as the “steam-powered days.” In this episode of Numerically Speaking: The Anaconda Podcast, Vicki talks about the state of the industry and where she sees things heading.

*At the time of the interview, Vicki Boykis was an ML Engineer working on Tumblr at Automattic.

Episode #1

Joining us for this episode is James Cham, Partner at Bloomberg Beta. Bloomberg Beta runs several seed-stage investment funds, with a particular interest in low-code/no-code/WebAssembly startups.

Introducing Numerically Speaking: The Anaconda Podcast

In this introductory episode of Numerically Speaking: The Anaconda Podcast, Anaconda CEO Peter Wang provides an overview of what to expect from the show.

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