Episode #6

Unifying and Accelerating Data Science, ML, and Advanced Analytics Workflows

Show notes:

In this episode, host Peter Wang speaks with Torsten Grabs, Director of Product Management at Snowflake, about how Snowflake solutions support professionals in data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Torsten has worked with data throughout his entire career. At Snowflake, he focuses on Snowflake’s data lake, data pipelines, and data science workloads, as well as Snowflake’s developer and partner ecosystem.

Thanks to the broader language compatibilities of Snowflake and its Snowpark library, data engineering is becoming more accessible beyond the SQL community. Torsten and Snowflake continue to work to unify and accelerate data workflows.

Learn more about Snowpark for Python, now generally available, and get started with the Snowpark Developer Guide for Python. Then, dive into the Snowflake-Anaconda partnership and learn how Snowflake customers like Allegis Group are leveraging Snowpark for Python.

Access Anaconda’s State of Data Science report, referenced by Peter, here.

You can find a human-verified transcript of this episode here.

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