2022: An Anaconda Year in Review

Wow, what a year it has been! 2022 marked Anaconda’s tenth anniversary, and we celebrated with a bang! Bringing community innovation to millions of users is core to everything we do, and we are pleased to share our joint successes and milestones that support this mission. Before we enter 2023, let’s take a look back at key product launches, new resources, and newsworthy moments from the past year.

Python in the Browser

In April we unveiled PyScript to empower users to create Python applications in the browser. This project aims to bring programming to the 99% by providing users of every experience level access to an expressive, easy-to-learn language with countless applications. For the latest on PyScript, check out this recent blog post and follow @pyscript_dev on Twitter.

Anaconda + PythonAnywhere

In June we announced the acquisition of PythonAnywhere, a fully-loaded web-based Python development environment that’s accessible from any device with a browser, to boost Python accessibility and adoption. We’re excited to welcome PythonAnywhere users to the Anaconda community and to expand Anaconda’s hosting and infrastructure capabilities in the cloud.

New Cloud-Hosted/SaaS Development and Security Tools

In the spring, we released a suite of open-source pipeline management tools for enterprise teams with advanced security needs. With these new tools, enterprise administrators can easily manage package distribution channels, access Anaconda-curated vulnerability metadata, filter out risky packages with a security and license policy enforcer, and control access with role-based access controls. Learn more here.

In the fall, we introduced a cloud-hosted data science environment and learning curriculum, so students, hobbyists, and beginners alike can learn, experiment, and develop in the cloud. Our new practitioner tools offer access to a fully loaded Jupyter notebook featuring hundreds of the most powerful data science and machine learning packages and expert-led, on-demand courses. Learn more here.

Numerically Speaking: The Anaconda Podcast

In September we launched Numerically Speaking: The Anaconda Podcast, offering our community a front-row seat as host and CEO Peter Wang interviews guests who are driving innovation in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and business. The show offers listeners a convenient and entertaining way to keep their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge data, science, and technology insights. Listen on your favorite podcast app.

Our Commitment to Open Source

Earlier this month, we announced that we’ve donated a total of $120,000 to NumFOCUS in the past year through the Anaconda Dividend Program. These funds help fuel crucial administrative services and operational support for over 50 open-source projects. Learn more about our 2022 contributions to the open-source community here.

Conda Updates

The conda project has officially joined the NumFOCUS fiscal sponsorship program! Plus, we recently released conda 22.11. Conda runs faster now—much faster—and features a new plugin API that gives contributors greater freedom to extend conda’s functionality without having to merge code into the core codebase.

Thank You to Our Customers, Partners, and Community!

As we reflect on the past year and all of the launches, content, and other activities that made it great, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to the 30+ million Anaconda users who contribute to our success; our valued partners; and the broader data science, AI, and ML communities that inform and celebrate our progress. We hope you feel as invigorated as we do heading into the new year, and we promise to continue to help you harness the power of open-source innovation in 2023.

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