Anaconda Acquires PythonAnywhere to Increase Python Accessibility and Adoption

At Anaconda, we are always seeking new ways to empower people with data literacy. With that in mind, we built the Anaconda Distribution to include an easy-to-use package and environment manager, packages that contain their cross-language dependencies, installers for all major operating systems and architectures, and a desktop console with direct access to all the tools and artifacts a developer needs for their data science and machine learning projects.

Our latest initiative is to address the burden of server management and the barriers to collaboration by offering our expansive community the ability to leverage Python in a cloud environment. To that end, we are excited to announce the acquisition of PythonAnywhere, a fully-loaded and easy-to-use web-based Python development environment that can be accessed from any device with a browser.

This acquisition comes on the heels of Anaconda’s release of PyScript, an open-source framework for embedding Python applications in a web page that executes in a browser. While PythonAnywhere provides Python developers greater flexibility around where they do their job (desktop vs cloud), PyScript provides greater flexibility around what job they can do (back-end vs front-end development). Both technologies enable Anaconda to greatly advance Python accessibility, which will ultimately lead to more use cases beyond data science and increased adoption amongst programmers and non-programmers alike.

What is PythonAnywhere?

PythonAnywhere is a cloud-based Python development and hosting environment that simplifies the complex web development process and empowers teams to write programs from any modern web browser leveraging packages from a cloud-based server. PythonAnywhere provides a shared cloud environment, IDE (integrated development environment), and notebook services that greatly enhance collaboration amongst dispersed teams. With PythonAnywhere, developers can:

  • Start hosting quickly—everything is set up and ready to go, no need to configure or maintain a web server.

  • Develop anywhere—from a desktop or laptop to a tablet or mobile device, developers can access their environment(s) wherever they go.

  • Teach and learn—with a fully-fledged Python environment, students and teachers can skip the installation hassle and focus on learning within a shareable and collaborative environment.

What does this mean for Anaconda users?

PythonAnywhere’s added experience and expertise allow Anaconda to expand hosting and infrastructure capabilities in the cloud while immediately offering an online IDE to its extensive user community where they can access, code, share, and collaborate—from anywhere.

What does this mean for PythonAnywhere users?

Anaconda’s investment will allow PythonAnywhere to accelerate their roadmap and improve their offerings to better serve their users. PythonAnywhere will continue to evolve as a standalone product as Anaconda and PythonAnywhere work together to simplify the development and hosting of Python users’ workloads and applications.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy; just visit to create your free account. If you have general questions, visit PythonAnywhere’s FAQ page. If you have more technical questions, check out the PythonAnywhere forum or StackExchange, which are both actively monitored.

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