Anaconda’s Response to DataCamp’s CEO and Board of Directors


DataCamp has been a business partner of our company for almost two years. So we were shocked and saddened by the recent allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior and retaliatory firings made against DataCamp’s CEO and Board Chairperson, Jonathan Cornelissen. After learning the news, our company contacted DataCamp’s leadership and expressed our concerns about DataCamp’s late and inadequate response to these allegations. Since we’ve engaged with DataCamp, DataCamp has taken additional steps that we believe are appropriate and, at this time, satisfy our company’s standards as to what should be done.

The events of October 2017 and the following months are murky to most of us, so we welcome the investigation and the removal of CEO and Board Chairperson, Jonathan Cornelissen, from both of those positions during that process. We will also monitor the investigation’s outcome to ensure that our company believes appropriate actions are taken by DataCamp’s senior leadership team and board of directors against those deemed to have behaved illegally or inappropriately.

Scott Collison | President and CEO | Anaconda, Inc.

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