Anaconda Learning: Turbocharge your Python Journey in Anaconda Notebooks

Jack Evans

If you’ve been considering learning Python or are interested in creating projects with AI, then now is the perfect time to start. We have just updated the Anaconda Learning library, which enables you to easily search and access the most recent and best courses using Anaconda Notebooks. With a hands-on tool available at your fingertips, you can speed up your learning process and expand your knowledge of topics ranging from data wrangling to the fundamentals of large language models (LLMs).

All Anaconda Cloud users now have access to the notebook content of every Anaconda Learning course.

Start learning Python today within Anaconda Notebooks

Whether you’re just starting out with Python and want to learn the fundamental concepts of strings, dictionaries, and dataframes or are an experienced practitioner who wants to expand your knowledge to machine learning, the Anaconda Learning app has the notebooks you need to get started.  

Use the handy search bar to find the relevant courses and explore the different topics available.  

Learn and code directly within the comfort of Jupyter Notebook

A common pain point of online learning is the requirement to use an online portal to run and execute the code within the confines of an unfamiliar tool. With Anaconda Learning, it’s all run directly from the commonly used Jupyter Notebook, with the flexibility to customize the code and run additional tests and experiments in line with the course content.

With the ability to hop in and out of a course, you can load the specific section that you need to understand to solve a specific problem, or you can follow instructions from start to finish to establish well-rounded knowledge of the subject.

To explore topics in-depth, subscribe to Anaconda Learning for video walk-throughs 

One of the brilliant things about Python and the subjects it encompasses is that there is no limit to the depth in which you can explore a topic. The possibilities with Python are endless, but learning to use it can be overwhelming for new users. Anaconda Learning provides video tutorials, live courses, exercises, assessments, tips, certifications, and guidance for technical topics that require more time and explanation to ensure a thorough understanding of a subject. The Anaconda Learning Platform ties directly into the learning app you see in Anaconda Notebooks, so you can follow along and synchronize your learning path.  

Start learning today and share your experience

With the launch of the Anaconda Learning app, you can jump right into practical, hands-on educational materials and learn something new. All the tools you need to get started are ready for you at nb.anaconda.cloud

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of courses, so if there’s something specific you’d like to see us develop, get in touch.

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