AI Governance

Establish clear policies and controls in your data science and AI projects.

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Data Science Needs Transparency and Trust

Data management

Maintain a comprehensive record of data provenance to ensure data quality and integrity.


Define clear user and admin roles and permissions for access control and decision making.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Define roles and permissions to streamline your workflow and reduce duplication of efforts.

Regulatory compliance support

Use built-in security features, encryption mechanisms, and audit trails to support compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Products to Manage Governance

Data Science & AI Workbench

Robust solutions for addressing governance challenges, including data management, access control, security, compliance, and ethical considerations. The Workbench is included in the Enterprise tier. 

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Package Security Manager 

Take advantage of role-based access and logs for reproducibility and easy auditability. Package Security Manager is included in the Business tier.

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Why OSS Security Should be Your Top Priority

Learn about data science and AI governance using open-source software.

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Building an OSS Governance Program

What to consider when building out an enterprise-level governance program.

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How to configure user access: Roles and groups in Workbench

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Data Science & AI Workbench: getting started documentation

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Learn how utilizing governance policies drives value and innovation in data science and AI initiatives.