New! Single-Tenant SaaS Offerings to Help You Meet Compliance Standards

Enjoy a dedicated Anaconda instance without the burden of infrastructure maintenance.

Introducing Managed Hosting

We know that deployment isn’t one-size-fits-all. For organizations that operate in highly regulated industries or on a global scale, multi-tenant cloud deployment is simply not an option, and self-hosting can be too resource intensive to be efficient. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of managed hosting, or a single-tenant deployment option for Anaconda’s offerings. Now, you can enjoy a dedicated Anaconda instance without the burden of infrastructure maintenance.

With managed hosting, we fully manage the maintenance and operations of each isolated Anaconda instance in a single-tenant cloud—automating security, networking, maintenance, and application deployment. This allows your team to focus on business-critical tasks and efficiently leverage our latest product improvements while meeting the most complex compliance standards.

For customers that need isolation from other tenants at the infrastructure level or need custom deployments of Anaconda, our managed hosting option is the perfect choice. Keep reading to better ascertain if it’s right for you.

What’s the difference between on prem, SaaS, and managed hosting?

On Prem

On premises, or on prem, means you are hosting your own instance of Anaconda on your own infrastructure, whether that’s an on-premises server or a private cloud. On-prem deployments of solutions such as Anaconda’s data science platform typically require a full-time Kubernetes engineer. Now, organizations can get the benefits of our on-prem solutions for less than the cost of the full-time employee typically required to manage the required infrastructure.

SaaS (or Multi Tenant)

SaaS solutions are typically deployed in a multi-tenant cloud, meaning that a single software deployment serves multiple customers or “tenants.” The underlying resources are shared among all the tenants, but each tenant is guaranteed privacy and limited configurational customizations. While you can’t configure source code, you can personalize some parts of the application such as appearance, etc. This can be insufficient for some customers as it doesn’t satisfy data isolation requirements or allow for custom deployments.

Managed Hosting (or Single Tenant)

Our managed hosting option entails a single-tenant deployment model. A single-tenant architecture supports only one tenant per instance, meaning that your instance is isolated from other customers. Data isolation reduces the risk of a cyberattack affecting multiple customers. Additionally, you get a separate, dedicated set of resources, so throughput and performance are maximized. And because your instance has its own resources and application, you can customize the product all the way down to its source code.

Is Anaconda’s managed hosting deployment option right for you?

With managed hosting, infrastructure and maintenance are fully hosted and managed by Anaconda to offload operational overhead and empower your team to focus on core business goals and achieve value more quickly. Our managed hosting deployment option is best for customers who:

  • Operate in highly regulated industries (e.g. healthcare, finance, government) with strict security and regulatory standards (e.g. isolated storage of source code IP)
  • Are large, globally distributed, and operate in multiple countries with differing regulatory standards (e.g. GDPR, CCPA)
  • Want to reduce the risk of costly security or non-compliance incidents
  • Want to customize their instance, without the burden of self-hosting

Our managed hosting option helps you:

  • Reduce overhead and improve operational efficiency, with Anaconda fully hosting and managing your instance
  • Increase operational efficiency and resilience, with high availability, disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, and uptime support available from our team 24/7
  • Minimize risk, secure data, and ensure compliance, with an isolated instance in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud region of your choice to meet data isolation and residency requirements

Get Started With Anaconda and Managed Hosting

Our enterprise-grade solutions empower corporate, research, and academic institutions around the world to harness open-source innovation for competitive advantage and groundbreaking research. Now you can leverage the power of Anaconda with managed hosting and drive business outcomes with speed, security, and flexibility, while meeting the most complex compliance standards. Contact us today to learn more.

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