New Release: Anaconda Distribution 2023.03

We are pleased to announce the release of Anaconda Distribution 2023.03! Find the relevant release notes here, and download the installer here.

Package Updates

You’ll find 674 packages updated, 190 packages added, and 354 packages removed (across all platforms) since the last release of the Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 installer in October 2022. The Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 installer uses base environment Python 3.10 and offers Python 3.8 and Python 3.9 support, with updated packages including:

  • Numpy 1.23.5
  • SciPy 1.10.0
  • Pandas 1.5.3
  • Matplotlib 3.7.0
  • And many more!

We are thrilled to confirm that the Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 installer includes Transformers and imbalanced-learn, two powerful machine learning packages that elevate data analysis capabilities.

  • Transformers 4.24.0 simplifies the process of downloading and retraining models, significantly reducing the computational resources required for various use cases such as natural language processing, computer vision, audio classification, speech recognition, and more.
  • imbalanced-learn 0.10.1 is built on scikit-learn and offers a range of re-sampling techniques to tackle classification problems with imbalanced classes, thus improving the accuracy of predictions.

We’re excited for you to explore these additions and take your machine learning projects to new heights!

Metapackages for Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 can be found here.

Finally, conda 23.1.0 is included in the latest Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 installer. This new conda version (following the previous feature-rich 22.11.0 release) includes mostly bug fixes, such as improved detection of CUDA devices. Check out the release notes for the complete list of improvements.

Anaconda Navigator Update

In our February blog post, we mentioned that Anaconda Navigator 2.3.2 would be shipped with the new Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 installer, but due to compatibility issues with conda 23.1.0, we are shipping Anaconda Navigator 2.4.0 instead. Anaconda Navigator 2.4.0 resolves the aforementioned compatibility issues, which caused users to need an older conda version. Users can expect various performance improvements as well as the ability to log directly into their Anaconda Nucleus accounts upon first launch. For the full list of updates, please see the Anaconda Navigator release notes.

Introducing Python 3.11 Support

We are happy to announce that now supports Python 3.11! We built over 800 packages in order to provide this support. See our February blog post for additional details on Python 3.11.

Reminder: Upcoming Python 3.7 Support Deprecation

In keeping with our release and support schedules, Anaconda only provides active support for up to three major versions of Python with any given distribution release. As such, new package builds and ongoing maintenance for Python 3.7 ceased on March 1, 2023, and support for Python 3.8 will end later this year after the Python 3.11 update.

To ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted workloads, we recommend that users plan their upgrades to versions of Python supported by Anaconda (currently 3.8 or later). If you or your team must run workloads using unsupported versions of Python, contact us to learn about our long-term support services.

Stay Current!

We hope you’re as excited about Anaconda Distribution 2023.03 as we are! To stay current with new releases and other news, keep an eye on our blog and visit our Anaconda package repositories news page on Anaconda Nucleus.

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