New! Free Assisted Migration to Anaconda’s Data Science Platform

Adopting Anaconda’s data science platform is easier than ever with free assisted migration.

Introducing Free Assisted Migration to Anaconda’s Data Science Platform

We are excited to announce free migration assistance for any Enterprise plan customer transitioning from another data science platform to Anaconda. Free assisted migration to Anaconda’s data science platform makes it easier than ever to start developing and deploying secure Python solutions, faster.

How does free assisted migration work? 

Our Professional Services team will work with you to map out your organization’s platform needs and develop a migration plan to get you to value quickly. We will:

  • partner with your team in discovery and scoping sessions to determine your data science needs;
  • create a plan for completing your migration;
  • help you successfully onboard; and
  • make any additional recommendations to help you maximize your Anaconda instance. 

Improve Team Collaboration and Deploy Faster with Anaconda

With Anaconda, you get more than just a data science platform. Trusted by 35 million users and counting worldwide, Anaconda empowers data science, AI, machine learning, and IT stakeholders with access to popular open-source tools and enterprise-grade security features. Anaconda’s Enterprise plan helps you:

  • Build better: Develop myriad Python solutions, from simple dashboards to powerful deep learning applications. Move from ideation to production more quickly than ever with Anaconda’s trusted packages, environment management, and workflow tools.
  • Deploy faster: Centralize team collaboration, ease reproducibility, and enjoy one-click deployment. Spend less time troubleshooting and start your next project ahead of schedule.   

Ready to make the switch?

Become one of the many organizations harnessing the power of open source with Anaconda’s data science platform. To learn more about Anaconda’s enterprise capabilities and begin your assisted transition, contact us today.

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