Anaconda Navigator, the Next Generation

TL;DR: We are building a new desktop app experience. Public beta access is available to test.

Compiling, analyzing, and modeling data can be arduous. A data science environment helps data science and machine learning engineers save valuable time and focus on what really matters: the data. An environment with the right tools for data querying, model training, containerization, and more can make the difference between a productive or soul-crushing day.

So where can you find a comprehensive system that gives you the right set of tools for your work in a safe and stable environment? What if you want to work in Python, but don’t want to track down every single dependency in order to use a package from a public repository? And once you have what you need, how exactly do you get started?

Over the last 10+ years, Anaconda has become the world’s most popular data science environment and package manager for Python and R. Not long after its inception, Anaconda Launcher (below left) was born, which became today’s Anaconda Navigator (below right). In addition to making it possible to install packages and their dependencies without having to root around in repositories, we also wanted to reduce the barrier of entry into data science. Whether you’re just starting out as a student or have spent 20 years in the industry, Anaconda Navigator is here to help solve the problems our users face today.

Anaconda Navigator represents a fundamental shift in data science tooling as a fully comprehensive desktop application that meets our users where they are locally, with value-added cloud features and services. It facilitates creating environments and managing packages, and it will continue to progress alongside your data science journey. 

The next generation of Anaconda Navigator will offer easy access to:

  • Data science work tools
  • Anaconda cloud notebooks
  • Live and on-demand courses
  • Cloud storage and file sharing
  • A dedicated AI assistant
  • Sample data sets
  • And much, much more!

We are releasing next-gen Anaconda Navigator for beta testing on July 6th, 2023. You can access the beta on Click the “Navigator Beta” option to start the download.

The initial beta will be loaded with features and empower you to:

  • Create an environment or manage existing ones, including renaming and cloning.
  • Create a preset environment from a category of popular environments (still in alpha). 
  • Add, remove, or update packages directly from the interface.
  • Launch a Juypter Notebook or have Anaconda Navigator detect notebook files and place them conveniently in the interface.
  • Launch Anaconda-built notebooks and data catalogs.
  • Sign in or sign up for an Anaconda account to access additional services.
  • Launch Anaconda Learning to start or further your data science journey.
  • Provide your feedback and help shape the future of Anaconda Navigator!

This is your chance to be among the first to experience these upgrades, provide feedback, and, in doing so, contribute to the building and enhancement of features you want to see. Create an account at to receive updates on the comprehensive product launch, other new features, and future roadmaps.

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