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Anaconda Notebooks allows anyone, anywhere to begin their data science and AI journey. Anaconda Notebooks lets you skip setup and installation and get straight to learning and writing code.

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Anaconda Notebooks lets you start learning and coding quickly and easily, without having to set up and install anything. Anaconda Notebooks provide a web-based interface for creating and sharing computational documents: Seamlessly mix executable code, documentation, and instructions in one portable document. Notebooks are not only a great learning tool, but also a highly capable vehicle for prototyping and producing data science work.

With hands-on Anaconda Notebooks available at your fingertips, you can speed up your learning process and expand your knowledge of topics ranging from data wrangling to the fundamentals of large language models (LLMs).

Start coding immediately: Anaconda Notebooks allow anyone, anywhere to begin their data science journey. Spin up awesome data science projects directly from your browser with all the packages and computing power you need.
Code from anywhere: Log in and pull up conda configurations wherever you are online. Whether you want to upload a local environment or directly manage packages in the notebook — Anaconda’s got you covered.
Securely store files: Liberate those files from your hard drive and securely store all your notebooks, projects, and scripts in your file directory.
Work in Cloud-based environments: Anaconda Notebooks is hosted in our resilient and Anaconda-supported cloud platform.
All packages available from the Anaconda installer are pre-loaded and ready to code through Anaconda Notebooks.

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