Professional Services

Great software is just the beginning

Our professional services team is here for you. We will join forces with your in-house experts to force-multiply your efforts. Our consultants, developers, and engineers help you solve heavy-weight data science and machine learning challenges.

Kickstart Services

Our kickstart services can help you make quick progress on the rollout of a new data science program, or supercharge an existing one. We offer these short engagements (about 100 hours) at a fixed price. The goal is to get your team started being successful with using Anaconda products and software.


Data Access Kickstart

Get quick access to your data sources with Python. Save your data scientists the time and headaches of worrying about data retrieval patterns. We will get you set up to access any and all of your data with a queryable catalog.


Dashboards Kickstart

We help you build interactive deployable web dashboards from Python. With high-quality, reliable dashboards, you can share your data insights without being tied up to a specific vendor or platform rules.


Deployment Kickstart

Get set up to deploy projects on your infrastructure. Capitalize on your current infrastructure setup and start deploying Anaconda-backed projects—even in a fully air-gapped environment.

Environment Management Kickstart

The easiest way to manage your Conda environments. Manage Python and R package environments, so your users can access the packages they want, while respecting your organization’s governance and compliance policies.

Dask Infrastructure Kickstart

Distributed compute made easy. Run large compute jobs on your existing Kubernetes, Hadoop, or HPC resources, on-prem or in the cloud, without having to rewrite your Python-based workflows.


JupyterHub Kickstart

Our experts will get you up and running with a properly configured centralized facility for running Jupyter Notebooks backed by Conda environments.

Custom Engagements

Sometimes organizations need a unique solution. Our open-source team will create conda packages just for you, and our engineers will carry out custom development projects to meet your unique needs.

Professional Services

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