Anaconda Professional

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Anaconda Professional

Open-source distribution optimized for commercial use

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  • Administer

    Tokenized user authentication enables organizations to manage and securely access the professional repository.

  • Scale

    Anaconda Professional has the power and availability to support businesses of any size, even as they grow.

  • Support Open Source

    A portion of every sale funds open-source projects and education through our Anaconda Dividend Program.



Professional Repository

Leverage thousands of open-source Python and R packages in your commercial organization, carefully curated by the Anaconda team.

Conda Sig Verified

Conda Signature Verification

This end-to-end token of trust cryptographically verifies that the requested package comes from Anaconda’s secure build networks and is tamper free.


Access Control

With tokenized access control, administrators can assign and withdraw access to the platform and view which packages are most frequently leveraged by the team.


Optimized and Licensed for Commercial Use

Anaconda Terms of Service require commercial users to obtain a paid subscription for use of our products in order to support continued enhancements and maintenance and the Anaconda Dividend Program.

Anaconda enables enterprise open-source innovation with a suite of products to support compliance, security, and governance requirements.

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Anaconda Professional enables data scientists, developers, and IT teams to leverage the innovation of open source with the advantage of curated and privately hosted open-source packages.

  • Data Science Teams

    Access privately-hosted Anaconda-curated packages, regularly tested and methodically updated, with source and tamper-free verification.

  • IT Managers

    Gain control over your environment with dashboards to monitor both users and the packages most frequently leveraged by your team.

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Site License

With a site license, organizations can obtain team-wide access to Anaconda Distribution rather than paying for individual accounts.

Custom Private Mirroring

Obtain mirroring permissions to create copies of the professional package repository.

Support Services

Anaconda offers tiered support levels with dedicated contacts, issue management, and incident response time SLAs.

Kickstart Services

Make quick progress on the rollout of a new data science program or supercharge an existing one. From environment management and data access to JupyterHub and Dask infrastructure, we have a Kickstart to set your team up for success.

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