Data Science & AI Workbench

One Platform, limitless applications to enable data science and AI teams to innovate development and expedite model deployment while adhering to security and governance requirements.

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Build AI Your Way, or with a Little Help

One-Click Deployment

Expedite deployment and go from weeks to minutes. Quickly gather stakeholder feedback and seamlessly integrate it into the model, ensuring production readiness from the outset.

Open-Source Libraries

Connect to Anaconda’s Premium Repository to discover and install thousands of packages and libraries. Apply policy filters for your teams to eliminate vulnerabilities and non-compliant packages.

Train & Deploy AI Projects in One Secure Platform

Use our scheduler to specify data updates for training or retraining existing models, develop and register models faster, collaborate by project, and deploy in one click to minimize your time to value.

Disaster Recovery

Restore your data and environments in the event of a disaster or outage, such as data deletion, or technical issues like hardware failures.

GPU-Enabled Workflows

For sessions, deployments, and jobs, providing flexibility to leverage computational power with the capability to provision GPUs, ensuring cost control and efficient resource management.

AI Assistant

Leverage and engage with an AI assistant for support in overcoming coding challenges and obtaining relevant answers within the notebook environment.

Administration and Governance

Workbench has Single Sign-On (SSO), Role-Based User Access Controls (RBAC), and Prometheus integration for compliance, efficient log gathering, insights, and resource management.

Open-Source MLOps

Register and define experiment model versions to ensure the proper models are deployed to production.

Secure Your Stack with Data Science & AI Workbench

Leverage built-in security across your open-source stack to stop risks, not workflows. Empower practitioners with access to open-source tools and packages across coding languages.

Visibility and Governance

Give security teams control over account provisioning and access.

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Commercial Support

Access enterprise-grade expertise in open-source security and compliance.

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The Complete Data Science Platform Buyer’s Guide

This guide includes key considerations and an interactive checklist of 60+ infrastructure, security, and integration features you should be considering when purchasing a data science platform.

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