Anaconda Business

Anaconda Business

Open-source innovation meets enterprise-grade security

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  • Secure

    Secure your open-source pipeline with custom security policies and Anaconda-curated security information.

  • Manage

    Manage user access across multiple channels to ensure compliance as early as the build phase.

  • Build

    Empower your data science teams with the tools they know and love.



Custom Security Policies

Utilize security filters to create custom repositories and ensure compliance across your data science teams, reducing IT and audit burden.


Detailed Vulnerability Metadata

See which packages meet your security requirements and review Anaconda-curated vulnerability data related to each package.

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Expanded Access Control

Create and edit multiple teams with unique permissions across channels, ensuring open-source builds and deployments adhere to your organization's security requirements.

Conda Sig Verified

Commercial-Grade, Open-Source Toolkit

Access Anaconda's professional repository and Conda signature-verified packages, licensed for commercial use in compliance with our Terms of Service.

Anaconda enables enterprise open-source innovation with a suite of products to support compliance, security, and governance requirements.

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Anaconda Business empowers security teams to enforce organization-wide security policies, reducing the need for manual vetting or arduous audits, without sacrificing data science team velocity.

  • Security Teams

    Uphold your organization’s governance and compliance requirements without interfering with in-progress development and deployment workflows.

  • Data Science Teams

    Develop and deploy valuable models quickly and with the confidence that packages meet your organization’s security requirements.

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Site License

With a site license, organizations can obtain team-wide access to Anaconda Distribution rather than paying for individual accounts.

Custom Installers

If you need an installer for a system or architecture that isn't available in our pre-configured installer list, we will provide the tooling to create a customized version.

Custom Private Mirroring

Obtain mirroring permissions to create copies of the professional package repository.

Support Services

Anaconda offers tiered support levels with dedicated contacts, issue management, and incident response time SLAs.

Kickstart Services

Make quick progress on the rollout of a new data science program or supercharge an existing one. From environment management and data access to JupyterHub and Dask infrastructure, we have a Kickstart to set your team up for success.

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