Toolbox for Python in Excel

Make coding in Python even easier.

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Toolbox Makes Python Accessible for all 

Sync your data anywhere

Start in one workbook, pick up in another—your data follows you when all your work is saved to Anaconda Cloud.

Enabled in your workstream

Simple-to-use tools bring the power of Python directly into your spreadsheet.

Robust visualizations

Transform tables into visually compelling graphs and uplevel your data with easy-to-create, powerful plots.

Low-code solutions

Python knowledge not required. Use the AI-powered assistant for Python-centric tasks in Excel.

Take Python in Excel Features to the Next Level

A suite of tools for the Analyst pioneer

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Data Connectors

Import, share, and collaborate using data from a range of trusted sources.

Visualization builder

Use built-in templates to get started with Python visualizations quickly and easily.

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AI Assistant

Leverage the power of Python, even if you’re not a coder, using an AI assistant.

Code Snippets

Write, save, and share code for better collaboration between users using Code Snippets.

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