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The World’s Most Popular Data Science Platform

Anaconda began as the gold-standard open-source package manager for data science. Today, it is the Python platform of choice for the enterprise.

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Data Analysis and Machine Learning Projects Are Complex

Difficult to Start

Moving from idea to solution involves a complex network of package dependencies and environments.

“It Works On My Machine”

When Python workflows run on one machine with unique environments, collaboration and reproducibility suffer.

Deployment is Complex

Moving models into production requires significant work that can delay valuable insights and prevent the achievement of business value.

Continuing Education

Practitioners must continuously learn, train, and refine their skill sets with high-quality training opportunities.

Support for Open Source

Working with open-source software requires access to reliable support and documentation for community-maintained tools.

Unleash Innovation, Backed by the Python Experts

Community Resources

Tap into Anaconda’s vast ecosystem of open-source software packages for data science, machine learning, and beyond.

Expert Package Management

Get one-click access to open-source tools, with environments, dependencies, and package compatibilities handled for you.

Powerful and Versatile

Avoid recoding by integrating the best open-source tools from across coding languages into your workflows.


Move from ideation to production in days with easier team collaboration and model reproducibility.

Training on Demand

Enhance your skillset with courses from industry professionals and learning paths to meet your every need.

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