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Cloud notebooks & Python training

Jumpstart your data science journey and master the foundations of our data-driven world with new practitioner tools from Anaconda. Access all the tools you need to get started from your Anaconda Cloud account, included with all paid subscription levels.

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Cloud-Hosted Notebooks

Anaconda Notebooks offers a cloud-hosted notebook service with a fully loaded and ready-to-code interactive development environment. Runs on any browser, any system. 100% installation and configuration free.

Interactive Development Environment

Start coding immediately with hundreds of the most popular data science and machine learning packages. Practice your data science skills and develop Python-based applications. Securely store your projects with cloud-hosted SSD storage.

Self-Paced Courses

Learn the most foundational data science concepts, step by step. Anaconda Learning is where you can learn all the best practices, tips, and tricks in Python and attain foundational data science knowledge directly from Anaconda.

Code Alongside the Experts

Take an active role in your learning journey. With Picture-in-Picture support, use your cloud-hosted notebook to code right alongside data science experts and test your knowledge.


Anaconda now offers cloud-hosted notebooks and on-demand data science training designed to help anyone, anywhere jumpstart their data science journey in the cloud.

Access these features at any Anaconda subscription level

Anaconda Notebooks

  • Cloud-hosted JupyterLab instance
  • Ready-to-code Anaconda environments
  • Hundreds of packages preloaded: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SQLite, Bokeh, Holoviews, Seaborn, Panel, and more
  • Native conda package and environment management
  • Fast, backed-up, persistent storage

Anaconda Learning

  • Access on-demand, self-paced modular courses
  • Code with experts side by side with Anaconda Notebooks
  • Challenge your practical knowledge
  • Share your achievements on LinkedIn
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