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Leverage the Power of Graviton2 with Anaconda

Anaconda for Linux on the aarch64 (arm64) platform optimized for Amazon Web Services’ Graviton2 processors enables end-to-end data science in the cloud, including development, training, testing and production. Data scientists can leverage the power and savings of Graviton2 while still using favorite tools and frameworks such as Conda, SciKit-Learn, and XGBoost.

Graviton2 processors are custom built by AWS using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores. Graviton2-based instances offer up to 40% better price performance over comparable current-generation x86-based instances for a wide variety of workloads, including high-performance computing and CPU-based machine learning inference.

As with our current linux-64 (x86-based) conda packages, linux-aarch64 packages are supported in Anaconda’s “defaults” channel and will be regularly updated as the open-source community publishes new releases.

Download Miniconda, Anaconda Individual Edition¹, or Anaconda Commercial Edition to start using linux-aarch64 packages on AWS Graviton2 today.

For more information, please visit our docs, Installing on AWS Graviton2 (arm64).

[1] Subject to Anaconda’s Terms of Service.

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Using AWS EC2 Graviton2 Based Instances with Anaconda

Watch this webinar to find out more about setting up Anaconda on Graviton2 and performance benchmarking.

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