Elevate Your Dashboards

Anaconda empowers data scientists and analysts to effortlessly deploy captivating, interactive dashboards using Panel.

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Simplify Dashboard Creation

Seamless integration

Easily transform your models into interactive dashboards using Panel’s straightforward integration with the Anaconda ecosystem and popular data science libraries.

One-click deployment

Anaconda Cloud and Data Science & AI Workbench enable simple, straightforward deployment of complex data visualizations that are accessible across different devices and platforms.

Real-time data support

Connect your dashboards to real-time data sources to ensure your visualizations remain up to date.

Interactive dashboards

Incorporate sliders, dropdowns, tables, and other interactive elements to create a dynamic data exploration experience to enable stakeholders to make data-informed decisions.

Explore, learn, collaborate, and share

Data Science & AI Workbench

A secure, scalable solution for quick team collaboration and one-click model deployment.

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Anaconda Notebooks

A cloud-based environment to host, manage, and share projects. Includes sample projects and data sets to get started quickly. 

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Build and Deploy Data Apps in Anaconda Notebooks

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Building an Interactive ML Dashboard in Panel

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Panel Core Concepts

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Visualizations and Dashboards Tutorial

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