Updated Statement About Our Relationship with DataCamp

We apologize for our poor communications about our response to the DataCamp sexual misconduct incident. We support the victims and we understand this has been a painful and ongoing struggle for them. We also recognize that for underrepresented groups, experiences of harassment and discrimination are far too common. We deeply regret that we did not provide enough context in our communications, and that our word choice contributed to confusion about our position. We want to correct that now. We were very disappointed at the lack of substance and accountability from DataCamp’s board and leadership in their woefully tardy statement. Out of consideration for the many people whose livelihoods could be impacted by our response, we did not want to immediately go down a path that could potentially destroy DataCamp as a company. Nevertheless, we felt strongly that we should take action in response. Here are the specific steps we took:

  • Contacted the board of DataCamp and pressured them to be accountable. Ultimately this body controls the company, and it is at the board level where we can apply pressure to effect real change.
  • Required, as a condition of continued partnership, that Jonathan Cornelissen step down as Board Chairperson. Stepping down temporarily as CEO of DataCamp was not enough, given the clout that a board chair possesses.
  • Informed DataCamp’s senior leadership and the board that we need to see the results of the investigation, to be convinced that appropriate actions are being taken as an outcome of that investigation, and that the DataCamp culture does not foster or enable continued misconduct.

If there is not a full investigation undertaken, and if appropriate actions are not taken against inappropriate and/or illegal behavior, then we will sever ties with DataCamp.

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