Introducing Anaconda Business: Enhanced Open-Source Security in the Cloud

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest addition to Anaconda’s product line: Anaconda Business.

The use of open-source data science and machine learning tools has seen continued rapid growth in recent years. As the use of these tools has increased, so too have software supply chain attacks. For organizations needing to ensure compliance with security, licensing, and governance requirements, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their open-source software supply chain.

Traditional security and IT management tools do not adequately address the unique risks and challenges of open-source software—nor are they able to help manage the complex web of dependencies which are inherent when working with open-source data science packages.

Anaconda Business is a cloud-based service that empowers organizations to securely leverage open-source technologies in their data science workflows, powered by custom security policies and curated vulnerability data.

Leverage the Power of Open-Source Innovation

Anaconda is rooted in the open-source ecosystem. We believe open-source collaboration will always out-innovate proprietary tools. Anaconda’s legacy and expertise in open-source packaging empowers companies to harness this innovative force while adhering to security and governance requirements.

Secure Your Open-Source Pipeline

Implement policies that fit your unique requirements. Anaconda Business brings custom policies and channels that enable you to secure your open-source pipeline without sacrificing flexibility or velocity. You can filter open-source packages and dependencies based on vulnerability status, package name, licensing requirements, and more. You can also assign access to custom channels so that each team has exactly what they need—and nothing they don’t.

Leave the Hosting to Us

Anaconda Business is a cloud-based repository and security solution all-in-one, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of self-hosting. If you already have an on-premise repository, Anaconda Business can enhance your security capabilities without the increased maintenance requirements of additional on-premise appliances.

Curated Vulnerability Data

Anaconda is the only open-source security provider leveraging manual curation by experts to ensure accuracy. More than just public vulnerability data, our curated database results in fewer false positives and delivers the additional details you need to remediate with confidence.

Optimized and Licensed for Commercial Use

Anaconda Business is compliant with our commercial terms of service. Customers new to Anaconda can secure the benefits of our professional repository in addition to achieving enterprise-grade security. Existing Anaconda customers can upgrade to Anaconda Business to take the next step in maturing their data science programs.

Don’t wait for the next critical vulnerability—talk to us about Anaconda Business today.

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