Anaconda “Editions” Repositioned as Feature-Additive Enterprise Product Suite

Here at Anaconda, we’re constantly innovating—and our drive to improve the capabilities of our product is matched by our drive to improve the way we offer said product to our community. As such, we are pleased to announce that Anaconda has moved to a tier-based product model.

With this approach, each new tier of the Anaconda product offers the top-shelf package and environment management capabilities that users know and love, with a growing set of differentiated features and a generous menu of available add-ons. Whether you’re a Python hobbyist or data science professional, an IT Manager or a CSO, a team of one or 30 or 300, there is an Anaconda instance designed to support your specific needs.

“Our mission with the repositioning of our products is to enable customers to easily identify the feature set they need to support their enterprise while offering a suite of add-ons that support the needs of their growing development and data science teams,” says Stephen Nolan, Senior Vice President of Cloud at Anaconda. “With the launch of Anaconda Business, we are now able to bridge the gap between our Pro and Enterprise offerings to clearly demonstrate the value-added feature set of each product for a more intuitive purchasing experience.”

Our past “Editions” have not disappeared; on the contrary, they are the lifeblood of our new tiers and their corresponding infrastructure. The products themselves continue to provide the capabilities and functionality our customers depend on, all supported by our industry-leading package distribution that we methodically test and regularly maintain.

We are currently launching four tiers including Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise:

Our Free offering, Anaconda Distribution (previously Individual Edition), includes our expertly-curated and privately hosted repository with utilities to easily search, install, and manage thousands of open-source packages.

Our Pro offering, Anaconda Professional (previously Commercial Edition), includes our professional-grade repository with the added benefits of tokenized user authentication, package usage reporting, and commercial compliance.

→ Our Business offering, Anaconda Business (the newest addition to the Anaconda product family), includes our professional-grade distribution with features enabling security and IT teams to meet security and compliance requirements without slowing down their development and data science teams.

Our Enterprise offering, Anaconda Server (previously Team Edition), enables businesses to leverage the features and benefits of Anaconda Business on their private infrastructure with a centralized location to access, manage, and create custom repositories.

Our commercial offerings are accompanied by a selection of available tier-based add-ons, including site-wide licensing, custom private mirroring, custom installers, technical support services, professional services, and more.

For pricing information and to purchase Anaconda, visit or email [email protected].

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