Here Comes The Data Science—And It’s All Right

Did you know that 94 percent of enterprises are using open source technologies for Data Science, and 96 percent of company executives say Data Science is critical to the success of their business? We uncovered these statistics when surveying several hundred executives and data scientists to gain a better understanding of the state of Data Science in today’s organizations. Clearly, Data Science is becoming more popular by the minute—but, what tools and platforms are companies specifically using?

Many people start with Anaconda. As the leading and fastest-growing Open Data Science platform powered by Python, it has been downloaded more than 13 million times and has approximately two million active users in 2016—and this number is rapidly increasing!

Another proof of Data Science’s hockey stick growth curve is the 18th annual KDnuggets Software Poll, which shows Anaconda usage has increased by 37 percent from 2016—giving it the second highest growth rate in the poll. Furthermore, Anaconda earned a top 10 ranking for the industry’s most popular analytics/Data Science tools, with nearly a quarter of the KDnuggets’ survey respondents using the Open Data Science platform. In addition, Python surpassed R as the most popular Data Science language (52.6 percent of respondents use the language), a trend that will likely continue through the next few years, especially given its particular suitability to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

#ICYMI New Leader, Trends, and Surprises in #Analytics, #DataScience, #MachineLearning Software Poll

— KDNuggets (@kdnuggets) June 5, 2017

The growth numbers point an undeniable market need for Data Science technologies that can, and are, delivering tremendous insights and impactful business outcomes. By using Python, Anaconda and other Data Science technologies, organizations across dozens of industries will be able to identify patterns, uncover crucial insights and transform data into a goldmine of intelligence to solve the world’s most challenging problems—such as predicting the effects of public policy, curing rare genetic diseases and even discovering new planets. This is only the beginning of the power of Data Science.

Thoughts from @teoliphant on the results of @kdnuggets annual software poll: #Anaconda

— Continuum Analytics (@ContinuumIO) June 19, 2017

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