New Release: Anaconda Distribution 2022.10

The 2022.10 release of Anaconda Distribution features Qt support in Anaconda Navigator v2.3.1, full GUI support for macOS M1’s ARM64 architecture, Python 3.10, improved security protocols, and several package updates. 2022.10 is the last release that will support Python 3.7.

Click here to access the latest Anaconda Distribution installer.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 installer. Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 comes with Python 3.9 and conda v22.9.0, support for Python 3.10, and an updated Anaconda Navigator.

Anaconda Navigator has released version 2.3.1 and is included with the Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 installer. Here are the notable updates:

  • There are updated resources in the Community tab.

  • There is GUI support for macOS M1 (ARM64), enabling applications such as Spyder and Anaconda Navigator.

  • Application tiles have been enhanced to allow more dynamic configuration.

  • Applications can now be filtered on the homepage. Filters are persistent and allow users to set their home preferences.

To read the complete release notes for Anaconda Distribution 2022.10, click here. To read the full list of Anaconda Navigator 2.3.1 updates, see the Anaconda Navigator release notes.

Start using Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 today by downloading the installer.

Package and conda Updates in 2022.10

You’ll find over 180 packages updated across all supported architectures since the last release of the Anaconda Distribution in May of 2022. The Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 installer and base environment use Python 3.9 with conda v22.9.0. Updated packages include:

  • pandas 1.4.4

  • Matplotlib 3.5.2

  • NetworkX 2.8.4

  • and many more!

To view the full list of packages, please refer to this link that includes all available packages for macOS M1.

Conda v22.9.0 is included in the Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 installer and will be shipped with its base environment. This conda release marks the first release that uses the CalVer versioning system in order to give its releases a more human-readable format. There are many new features and bug fixes, and you can find the full list of updates to conda 22.9.0 in the release notes.

Notes on Python 3.10 and Python 3.7

Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 ships with Python 3.9 and provides metapackages for Python versions 3.7, 3.8, and 3.10. To uphold continued package maintenance and support standards, Anaconda Distribution will only support up to three versions of Python at a time. Additionally, Python 3.7 is nearing the end of its life and Anaconda Distribution 2022.10 will be the last release that supports Python 3.7.

Anaconda Distribution Index Page SHA256 Update

The index page for all Anaconda Distribution installers has replaced all MD5 hashes with SHA256. This change reflects a more secure and reliable mechanism for cryptographic checksums and addresses a previous issue with MD5 checksum mismatches. Moving forward, Anaconda Distribution releases will use only SHA256.

Users may leverage the SHA256 hash to verify that the installer has been installed as intended. Note: this does not check individual package hashes. To verify package hashes, please refer to this conda signature verification blog post.

Additionally, the index page of installers is now sorted by date, in descending order. Newest releases on the index page will now be listed at the top.

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