Anaconda and Oracle Bring Secure Open-Source Software to OCI

Last month we announced a strategic partnership between Anaconda and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This new partnership enables data scientists and machine learning engineers working in OCI to download and install packages directly from the Anaconda Repository at no cost. Under the current agreement with Oracle, any customer running workloads on OCI can freely access the massive open-source Python and R repositories in Anaconda Distribution without purchasing a separate license.

Open-Source Security

Anaconda and OCI take security seriously, and together offer a security-minded supported repository. All packages are built on infrastructure meeting state-of-the-art security standards. Anaconda employs robust security practices and provides the Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for all packages in the default channels of the Anaconda repository. In compliance with the Cybersecurity Executive Order, the Anaconda SBOM allows OCI users to verify the components of all software installed on their systems, including license and provenance, to help secure their open-source pipeline.

How to Get Started

Anaconda Users: Current Anaconda customers can now access the same trusted and secure packages they rely on from within OCI.

OCI users: The easiest way to get started and take advantage of Anaconda’s technology on OCI is through the notebook session feature of the OCI Data Science service. Users can install one of the prebuilt conda environments or build their own conda environment through the odsc and conda CLIs by picking the “main,” “anaconda,” or “r” channels when defining the environment.yaml file – then select from thousands of packages to install.

For more information and details on getting started, watch the webinar How To Seamlessly Leverage Anaconda on OCI.

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