Anaconda Training: A Learning Path for Data Scientists


Here at Anaconda, our mission has always been to make the art of data science accessible to all. We strive to empower people to overcome technical obstacles to data analysis so they can focus on asking better questions of their data and solving actual, real-world problems. With this goal in mind, we’re excited to announce our recently revamped Anaconda Training program!

Drawing from our own in-house experiences, we’ve distilled the principle components of a professional data science career into a carefully crafted Data Science Learning Path. The path is ideal for both practicing professionals who need to learn Python, and people who already have some Python training but want to further sharpen their skills.

Our Data Science Learning Path begins with an introduction to the Anaconda Ecosystem, because, well, data scientists usually need to share their data analysis workflows. Both the open source Anaconda Distribution and commercial Anaconda Enterprise incorporate conda, our fully open source, cross-platform environment and package manager. We’ll show you how conda helps easily capture, deploy, and share reproducible computational environments including data and code.

Next we’ll take you through the fundamentals of data import and export, manipulation, and analysis. As data scientists, we sometimes assert that 80% of our jobs are spent “wrangling” or “munging” our data; the courses in our Learning Path will teach you how to make this process as painless, straightforward, and effective as possible. Prior to cleaning data, even loading data requires familiarity with the right technologies. We’ll show you the best tools and techniques for this as well as for tasks such as correcting errors, compensating for missing values, identifying outliers, merging datasets, and reshaping datasets.

Our Data Science Learning Path will then cover how to use the Anaconda Ecosystem to apply key skills to statistical analysis, machine learning, and visualization. While the theoretical foundations of machine learning can be daunting, our experts will help you see that the essential elements as applied in industry are not difficult to understand or implement, particularly thanks to vibrant open source communities. A data scientist’s deliverable to clients often bundles visualizations and statistics to convey the results of machine learning as succinct data-driven stories. Our training program will give you a familiarity with appropriate graphics packages and, more importantly, a certain graphical literacy.

Finally, it’s impossible to be a data scientist these days without knowing how to work with big data. The proliferation of commodity hardware and cloud technologies enables individuals to harness enormous amounts of data easily; a good data scientist must know when such technologies are necessary (and when they aren’t!) and how to engage them. Our experts will help you get started with Anaconda-friendly parallel computing technologies with minimal fuss (for instance, to process data sets out-of-core).

Interested in enrolling your data science team in our Anaconda Training program? Please visit the training page of our website for more information. With classes available both online and onsite, Anaconda’s experts are here to reach you wherever you are and teach you however you want to learn. We’ll soon be offering other learning paths as well as corresponding data science certifications. Stay tuned!

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