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Our Mission

Worldwide and throughout industries and organizations, there is a growing demand for data science skills. Here at Anaconda, our mission has always been to make the art of data science accessible to all. We help people master the technical obstacles to data analysis, ask better questions of their data, and solve actual, real-world problems. Anaconda Training is ideal for data scientists, financial analysts, IT professionals, or software developers who seek to hone their skills and develop actionable insights.

Instructor-Led Courses

These courses are available in person or via WebEx. All courses are one full day in length, broken up into morning and afternoon sessions.

  • Administrator Training

    Anaconda Enterprise Implementation and Administration

    At the conclusion of this course, you will understand the software and networking requirements for installing Anaconda Enterprise on your systems and have gained practical knowledge to implement Anaconda Enterprise and connect to your infrastructure.

    Building and Sharing Packages

    Conda is a cross-platform package manager. In this course, you’ll learn how to build and maintain packages in any language, upload them to Anaconda Enterprise, and share them with other users. This hands-on course includes best-practices for Python package creation and management.

  • Data Science Training

    Getting Started with Anaconda Enterprise

    In this course you'll learn how to create and share projects on Anaconda Enterprise. You’ll access data in multiple formats and connect to big data storage systems like Spark/HIVE and relational databases. You’ll practice ingesting data from multiple sources to make quick visualizations and predictive models to gain insight from the data using the leading data science packages provided by Anaconda.

    Visualization and Dashboards

    In this course you’ll learn how Anaconda Enterprise provides data scientists with unique abilities to create dashboards with as little as two lines of Python code. You’ll deploy the dashboards with one click and share them with your colleagues. This course covers advanced data visualization capabilities of Holoviews and Datashader.

    Scaling Your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Pipelines

    In this course you’ll learn how to take the machine learning pipelines developed on your desktop, train them on Anaconda Enterprise using big data sources, and deploy them to the cluster. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge of how Anaconda Enterprise maintains reproducibility of the entire life-cycle of the model from development and training to production. You’ll practice building machine learning pipelines using leading packages provided by Anaconda.

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Self-Paced Online Training

Prefer to learn online? We've got you covered. Anaconda is pleased to partner with DataCamp for a series of Python courses to start you on your data science journey.

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Anaconda has also partnered with Pearson to deliver an Anaconda Video Learning Series.

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