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Anaconda is ideal for interactive, hands-on learning. Data Science teams can rapidly build, collaborate and deploy solutions using an agile approach with Anaconda. All training curriculum is designed and taught by experts and delivered live in an interactive environment—we use Anaconda to teach Anaconda.

Anaconda Classes that Empower

Our goal is to empower people everywhere to extract insight and value from data. Whether your job is building models, writing reports or setting up data pipelines, we have a class to prepare you for challenges you face every day.

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  • Private Corporate Training

    Private Corporate Training

    Ideal for groups of 10-20 participants Delivered at your site or online Our trainers are Anaconda experts

    Data Science Classes

    Our multi-day data science classes are ideal for analysts, data scientists and engineers with some prior programming experience. The classes are particularly useful for those wanting to improve their skills in building data science workflows.

    3 Days

    Python for Software Professionals Using Anaconda

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    4 Days

    Data Science Using Anaconda

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    4 Days

    Scientific Computing Using Anaconda

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    4 Days

    Python for Finance Professionals Using Anaconda

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    Deep Dive Data Science Classes

    Our Deep Dive classes are ideal for those wanting to learn more Python in an intensive one-day course. Participants should have completed Introductory Python training or have strong prior experience with Python.

    Data Science Using Anaconda Enterprise

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    Anaconda Fusion: Open Data Science in MS Excel

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    Machine Learning

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    Data Analysis

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    Data Visualization

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    Best Software Practices

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  • Self-Paced Learning

    Self-Paced Learning

    Ideal for individuals or distributed teams Learn online at your own pace Courses are designed by Anaconda experts

    Data Science Courses from DataCamp

    Powered by Anaconda

    Anaconda powers DataCamp to deliver training to tomorrow's data scientists. Join 860,000 others and begin learning data visualization, data manipulation, statistics, machine learning and more!

    Learn Data Visualization

    Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh

    Brought to You by Team Anaconda

    Bokeh is an interactive visualization library for Python that targets modern web browsers for presentation.

    Introduction to Data Visualization with Python

    Brought to You by Team Anaconda

    Discover some powerful tools to help visualize your data using Python!

    Learn Data Manipulation

    pandas Foundations

    Brought to You by Team Anaconda

    Learn how to use the industry-standard pandas library to import, build and manipulate DataFrames.

    Manipulating DataFrames with pandas

    Brought to You by Team Anaconda

    Advance your pandas knowledge and learn how to tackle some of the most difficult data manipulation challenges.

    Data Science Courses from Pearson

    Powered by Anaconda

    We partnered with Pearson to deliver an Anaconda Video Series in their LiveLessons video program. Each course is delivered by Anaconda experts. Video trainings are available to Safari Books Online subscribers.

    Data Science with Python and R

    Brought to You by Team Anaconda

    This Data Science with Python and R LiveLessons is 9+ hours of video training tailored to beginner data scientists seeking to use Python or R for data science. This course includes fundamentals of data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and interactive data science applications. Students will learn how to build predictive models and how to create interactive visual applications for their line of business using the Anaconda platform. This course will introduce data scientists to using Python and R for building on an ecosystem of hundreds of high performance open source tools.

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Anaconda Custom Classes are tailored to your specific needs.