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Chandler Vaughn

Chief Product Officer

Chandler Vaughn, the Chief Product Officer at Anaconda, combines strategic insight with technical prowess to propel AI and Data Science innovation. His extensive two-decade career is marked by significant advancements in technology, including the pivotal open source release of OpenStack at Rackspace Cloud, reshaping distributed computing and cloud services.

Chandler’s expertise as an architect in Cloud, IoT, and Analytical Platforms has driven SaaS advancements across various tech sectors. His impactful roles at Nutanix and Rackspace Cloud showcase his leadership in product development and strategy, with a focus on distributed computing, data science, and AI. Renowned for his strategic partnerships, Chandler has led teams to achieve remarkable success and substantial profit growth.

Holding a Master of Science in Data Science from SMU and an MBA from Rice University, Chandler’s decisions are deeply informed by his academic background. His extensive experience in consulting and advisory roles, combined with a profound grasp of data-driven ecosystems, cements his status as a transformative leader in the tech industry.