Productionizing and Deploying Secure and Scalable Data Science Projects

Empower your data science team with one-click deployments from Anaconda Enterprise

Traditional data science project deployments typically involve complex, time-consuming processes that take data scientists away from what they do best: exploring and analyzing data. But why place this burden on your data science team when Anaconda Enterprise can handle the process instead–all with the single click of a button?

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Open Data Science Survey Report

How Teamwork Leads to Victory

Being the defacto leader in Open Data Science, we wanted to learn more about the executive requirement for Open Data Science in enterprise and conducted the first ever Open Data Science Survey. This illuminating flagship survey delivers surprising insight along with validating stats for those familiar with the data science industry.

This report, “Winning at Data Science: How Teamwork Leads to Victory,” on the state of data science highlights is now available for download.

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Breaking Data Science Open

How Open Data Science is Eating the World

Deliver Collaboration, Self-Service and Production Deployment with Open Data Science

Data science has burst into public attention over the past few years as perhaps the hottest and most lucrative technology field. No longer just a buzzword for advanced analytics, data science is poised to change everything about an organization: its potential customers, expansion plans, engineering and manufacturing process, how it chooses and interacts with suppliers and more.

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Big Data Visualization with Datashader

Visualization In The Era Of Big Data

The beginning and end of nearly any problem in data science is a visualization– first, for understanding the shape and structure of the raw data and, second, for communicating the final results to drive decision making. In either case, the goal is to expose the essential properties of the data in a way that can be perceived and understood by the human visual system.

Traditional visualization systems and techniques were designed in an era of data scarcity, but in today’s Big Data world of an incredible abundance of information, understanding is the key commodity. Older approaches focused on rendering individual data points faithfully, which was appropriate for the small data sets previously available.

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Technical Guide to Open Source Policy Analysis

Open Source for Public Information Technology

Open source software powers thousands of computing projects in financial services, research, internet, Big Data and education–and grows each year. Tools like the Python programming language and a wide array of compatible libraries enable organizations to effectively tackle complex data processing and modeling projects.

The open source approach is particularly valuable in data science and analytics, because it encourages collaboration, transparency and accessibility–all of which are fundamentally important in the pursuit of any scientifc discipline. 

In this whitepaper, our goal is to provide a guide for how government and non-governmental organizations involved in public policy analysis can use the open source approach. 

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