Episode #1

Software, Venture Capital, and the Future of Work

Show notes:

While today’s software may seem magical compared to that of previous generations, it still takes multiple software iterations to fold in new fundamental technologies.

Joining us for this episode is James Cham, Partner at Bloomberg Beta. Bloomberg Beta runs several seed-stage investment funds, with a particular interest in low-code/no-code/WebAssembly startups.

In this episode, James and host Peter Wang discuss:

  • why it’s important to be humble when looking towards the future of software
  • why venture capitalists (VCs) shouldn’t be considered “Yodas” who can fix every problem
  • what James is looking for when it comes to investing in a business

After listening to this episode, you may enjoy reading “Selling Wine Without Bottles” by John Perry Barlow, referenced by Peter during the discussion, and “Seeing Like a Finite State Machine” and “Street–Level Algorithms: A Theory at the Gaps Between Policy and Decisions,” referenced by James.

You can find a human-verified transcript of this episode here.

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