On-Prem LLM: Custom Generative AI Solutions

Use open-source large-language models to create custom generative AI applications tailored for your use cases, and host them on-premises.

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Create LLMs Tailored for Your Use Cases

Developing an LLM is complex—and cloud-hosted proprietary models are expensive, not specific to a use case, and do not secure your organization’s data.

Access Open-Source LLMs

Test a variety of customizable large-language models with various parameter counts, sizes, and accuracy levels.  

Ensure Security

Keep data secure with on-premises deployment for unparalleled flexibility and control over your generative AI projects.

Learn from the Experts

Anaconda’s Professional Services team will assist with implementation to ensure outcomes meet your requirements.

Anaconda Enterprise

On-Prem LLM requires an enterprise subscription, which includes Anaconda’s Data Science and AI Workbench.

Enterprise Pricing

Get access to On-Prem LLM as part of Anaconda’s Data Science and AI Workbench. See our pricing for details.

Professional Services

On-Prem LLM requires an engagement with Anaconda’s Professional Services team.


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Data Preparation for Large Language Models (self-paced course)

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Learn how to access On-Prem LLM for your organization. Talk to an expert today.