On-Prem LLMs

Build large scale language models safely and securely, with an open-source foundation.

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Meet the AI Demand

Large Language Models (LLMs) can be intimidating and security concerns are on the rise. Take advantage of open-source software to jumpstart your build, then refine and monitor your model while keeping sensitive data private.

Choose the right model

Anaconda preparse and presents evaluation metrics so you know you’re using the right model for the right use case. 

Private, safe, secure

Keep your private data and proprietary information secure.

Technical guidance

The Anaconda experts can help you jumpstart models and guide you along the way.

AI for your AI

Get advice from Anaconda Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot that can help you write, analyze, and debug code.


Generative AI with IBM and Anaconda

Discover the power of Anaconda and IBM WatsonX for LLMs.

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(Re)Introducing Anaconda Services

Get help building and implementing generative AI from the Anaconda Experts.

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Data Preparation for Large Language Models self-paced course

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