DataCamp Partners with Anaconda to Enable Data Fluency for Teams

Anaconda Team Edition customers now have access to DataCamp training content

NEW YORK, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DataCamp, the leading interactive learning platform for data science and analytics, today announced a new partnership with Anaconda, which provides open-source tools and enterprise-grade software for data scientists and organizations doing data science at scale. Inspired by a shared mission to enable worldwide data fluency for individual learners and organizations, Anaconda Team Edition customers will now gain access to a specialized DataCamp learning track that teaches the essentials of Conda, an open-source package management system for the Python coding language.

“Anaconda is proud to partner with DataCamp on this initiative to bring interactive data science training to our customers,” said Angela Pierce, President and CFO at Anaconda. “With a wide variety of courses from beginner to intermediate, DataCamp is a great resource for Python and R training that will serve our user community well.”

“We’re excited to unite DataCamp’s online training platform for data science with Anaconda’s powerful suite of tools for corporations,” said Martijn Theuwissen, CEO at DataCamp. “The most successful companies know that you need both the infrastructure and systems, as well as a robust learning program, to effectively implement data science and analytics initiatives at scale.”

DataCamp supports data science and analytics training at scale through DataCamp for Business. It’s easy to implement and manage for teams and organizations of any size, with advanced analytics and insights, custom learning paths, and seamless SSO and LMS integrations. DataCamp is constantly expanding its curriculum to keep up with the latest technology trends and to provide the best learning experience for all skill levels in Python, R, SQL, Scala, Tableau, Oracle, data engineering, and more.

About DataCamp

DataCamp helps companies answer their most challenging questions by making better use of data. Our learners build and maintain data fluency on the world’s most advanced data science and analytics learning platform. Because modern occupations require lifelong education, users learn continuously from the world’s top data science instructors. And they learn by doing—coding in the browser, and responding to immediate feedback. DataCamp enables managers to build data fluency across an organization, regardless of size or structure. We’ve already educated 6 million people around the world at more than 1,200 companies such as Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Intel, Uber and more. To close the talent gap, visit

About Anaconda

With more than 20 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We pioneered the use of Python for data science, champion its vibrant community, and continue to steward open-source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible. Our enterprise-grade solutions enable corporate, research, and academic institutions around the world to harness the power of open-source for competitive advantage, groundbreaking research, and a better world.

Anaconda Team Edition is a secure repository of more than 7,500 powerful open-source packages for data science and machine learning, sourced directly from Conda experts. Now there’s a central clearinghouse for building artifacts you can trust, complete with the innovation and cost benefits of managed opensource technologies. With Team Edition, security and governance are in place by default. Anaconda’s mirrored repository is easily installed inside your firewall in front of your database management system.

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